Protecting your valuables from theft, vandalism & weather.

Our goal at Candle Lake Storage is to offer friendly, professional customer service and cost-effective storage solutions to area residents, seasonal cabin owners and visitors to the lake. Whatever your storage needs, we will endeavor to find the best solution for you.

Self Storage

​Tearing down an old cabin to build new? Making room for kids or parents to move in? Self Storage is a great solution for those times when you need more space at home.

Group Storage

Group rates are more affordable than self-storage and we have the facilities to house even the largest pontoon, RV or snowmobile trailer.

Outdoor Storage

Fully fenced and secured, our outdoor storage lot is ideal for campers, boats and other items that take up a lot of space in your driveway or yard.

Mezzanine Storage

Perfect for those items that have been sitting in your garage or crawl space for the past 2 years but you are not ready to part with yet!


When an early storm prevented me from getting back to the lake this fall, Ted at Candle Lake Storage picked up my boat from the marina and delivered it to the garage for winter servicing before hauling it back to the storage lot. You do not get that kind of service in the city. Thank you!

Diana MacAfee​